The Pago Casa del Blanco Winery installations take up a total surface of 4,200 m2. They are divided in two areas perfectly fused: Production Zone and Leisure and Social Zone.


The winery production zone is an aseptic and ideal zone from the health point of view for vinification. However, all our wines go through controls in our laboratory, which has the necessary machines to measure in the grape as in the own wine parameters such as TPR, anthocyanins, iron, total acidity…


The winery has been designed to work with relatively small grape and wine volumes. In Pago Casa del Blanco, quality is the first. That is why the winery has been designed to contain mobile equipments and devices instead of fixed installations. In this way we improve our functional nature and we achieve a bigger hygiene and asepsis degree.


The machinery that we work with in Pago Casa del Blanco has been designed to spoil the fruit and to move all its potential and qualities to the wines that will finally arrive to our customers and friends.


The winery, in this stage of the producing process, has a space for grape arrival that is annexe to the vinification room, where there are 16 tanks with a capacity of 20,000 litres and 5 tanks of 6,000 l. Tanks are square-shaped. The ratio between diameter and height is 1/1. In this way, we can create big cap surfaces during the process of alcoholic fermentation in order to extract all the potential of the marc.


The cask or crianza room has currently a quantity of 300 casks. It is technologically equipped in order to carry out accurate and continuous temperature (15ºC) and humidity (80%) controls. Here, the wine rests and evolves, either in contact with the wood or inside the bottle, until the reductive aging finishes wines rounding off and polishing before marketing them.


The bottling room, located next to the laboratory, has a bottling capacity of 1,500 bottles per hour. It is equipped with the most suitable technological elements in order to maintain wine properties intact inside the bottle during the development of the following operations: filtration, rinsing and drying of bottles interior, filling in an oxygen protected atmosphere, corking….


Once the bottling process has finished, bottles are placed in box stalls so that the wine can rest and ripen inside the bottle in the crianza room. When wines reach their optimum moment to be marketed, bottles are put in an exterior washing machine to remove the dust and dirt piled up during months or years. Immediately after, bottles are encapsulated, labelled, packed....


Work in the winery, in all its aspects, has a high human component. Our professionals devote all the necessary time to control the cooler equipment, to carry out wine tasting in tank, to analyse them in the laboratory, especially after each pumping over....


All this is always carried out with non-continuous work methods in order to avoid aggressive extractions, hurries, improvisations…


The epicentre of the Leisure and Social Zone is a typically wide courtyard from La Mancha, with side colonnade and a big central waterwheel dated in the last century. Inside, we can find a tasting room, several meeting rooms, our wine store, two complete suites, kitchen, offices....


Our goal is to create a nice environment for the visitor, an ideal environment in order to enjoy our wines with the best company.


The winery overall construction (designed and constructed by ourselves) has two main aspects: firstly, it is blend with the environment. To achieve this, we have used for its construction fine materials (wood, stone, tile, earthenware) and we have created a functional inside part in order to work comfortably and, at the same time, to guarantee the correct cleaning and health of all the rooms. Secondly, this is also possible thanks to an exhaustive Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points Plan (HACCP).


However, the winery technological modernity touches combine with tradition. We have succeeded in building a farmhouse typical of La Mancha which is modern, in compliance with most advanced production systems but that has in every part of it scents that show our devotion to our homeland.


All this offers us a friendly environment to enjoy a drink of our QuiXote and Castillo de Pilas Bonas wines.

Pago Casa del Blanco
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